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10 ways to stay motivated about your fitness routine

1. Set a sensible goal It is important to set a specific but realistic goal for your exercise. Losing 10 pounds, could be your final goal. It might feel impossible for the time being, especially when we just start out.

2. Monitor the progress Take notes of all the exercises we do, whether using an online journal or simply a notebook.

3. Get rid of guilt

Be realistic. It is inevitable to miss a workout every now and then. Don't be hard on yourself, wake up the next day and start over!

4. Focus on yourself

There will always be someone who is fitter, faster and stronger than you. Stop comparing yourself with them. Make this journey about YOU!

5. Have an accountability partner

Find a person from your circle of friends, colleagues or family, that will encourage you to keep going. Better yet, ask them to jump on board with you! It's always more fun to exercise with a friend.

6. Find something fun

If you feel less motivated, maybe you're not doing the right type of exercise for you. Or maybe you used to like it but don't anymore.

Find the right type of exercise that you like the most, and it will become something you wait for with excitement. Remember, exercising doesn't always mean you have to go to the gym. It can be going for a walk, a hike, a swim or taking a fun dance or kick boxing class!

7. Start with 10 minutes

Push yourself to do a 10 minute workout. Once you accomplish 10 minutes, add on 5 minutes a week until you get yourself to a 30 or 45 minute workout!

8. Be flexible with time

When you happen to be too busy, don't waste 30 minutes driving to the gym. There are hundreds of online workouts that you can do right from your own home.

9. Put the past behind you

Stop comparing yourself to what you USED to be able to do. Take what you are able to do now and kick butt at it!!!

10. Reward yourself when you accomplish your goal

You deserve something nice as a reward for your exercise. A new pair of awesome workout sneakers, a cool new fitness gadget or those workout pants you've been dying to get. Treat yourself. YOU deserve it!!!

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