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3 Simple Tips To Lose 10 Lbs By Thanksgiving!


This is one the most effective strategies for slimming down before Thanksgiving. Natural sugars present in products such as vegetables, fruits, and dairy  are fine to eat. The emphasis is on avoiding added sugar and sugary foods, such as sugary morning cereals, ice cream, cookies, cakes, candies, soda, and sweetened coffee beverages.


Flour is in so much of what we eat on a daily basis. Sandwiches, bread, pasta, pizza, baked goods. Flour is broken down and converted to sugar and then is stored as fat. Want to reduce body fat? Limit consumption of white flour or reach for a healthier option such as whole wheat.

#3 Track Your Eating!!!-

Food journaling, a fancy word for writing down what you eat, gives you accountability over your diet. Writing down what you eat makes it REAL. We often eat, and eat, and eat .... and once we eat the thought of what we ate has a way of disappearing from our minds. By writing down what we eat it makes us stop and think ...and feel, the choice we just made. It also helps you see your patterns of eating so you can adjust and regulate your eating habits.

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Aja Greene M.S. Nutritional Science - NASM Certified Personal Trainer - Owner Body By Aja LLC

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