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Specialty Services

Adaptive Training

Adaptive Training

My years of experience working with the special needs community and partnership with VISTA LIFE INNOVATIONS inspired me to develop programs for adults with special needs and their families. I work with the parents, guardians, and coordinated care team of my clients to develop an individualized plan of exercise and nutritional support to bring the highest level of health to your child's life.

I create exercise and nutrition plans based on the abilities of your child and create a safe and supportive environment for positive socialization and reinforcement of healthy habits through exercise and nutritional counseling. I also manage and deliver these services through the individuals entire support team to ensure maximum success.

What I offer to my specialized training clientele:

  • Adaptive Personal Training and Nutritional Counseling

  • Personal Training and Nutritional Support  along with coordinated  care for adults with neurological disabilities.

GET UP Senior Program

Get Up Personal Training Program For Seniors 

This program is created specifically to help seniors get back on their feet after a fall and includes one live OR virtual PT Training session

I developed This Step By Step Exercise Program for Seniors To:

  • GET UP and Move to Prevent Falling

  • Strategies to Get Up From a Fall

Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Program

Promote employee health and wellness to see a marked improvement in employee engagement, improve mental health, employee longevity, and decrease in sick days through wellness.

Clapping Audience
School Programs
Group Photograph

School Program

I work with kids from grade 6 to 12 to help promote health and wellness for results in the overall improvement of youth mental and physical health.

Senior Living Wellness Program

Senior Living Wellness Program

Half or full day program focusing on healthy eating, exercise, and movement. Includes education specific to diabetes, high blood pressure and weight management.

Friends Working Out
Family Nutrition Program
Family in the kitchen

Family Nutrition Program

I will work with families to develop a nutrition program that works for parents, children and their busy lifestyle.

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