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Adaptive Training

My years of experience working with the special needs community and partnership with VISTA LIFE INNOVATIONS inspired me to develop programs for adults with special needs and their families. I work with the parents, guardians, and coordinated care team of my clients to develop an individualized plan of exercise and nutritional support to bring the highest level of health to your child's life.

I create exercise and nutrition plans based on the abilities of your child and create a safe and supportive environment for positive socialization and reinforcement of healthy habits through exercise and nutritional counseling. I also manage and deliver these services through the individuals entire support team to ensure maximum success.

What I offer to my specialized training clientele:

  • Adaptive Personal Training and Nutritional Counseling

  • Personal Training and Nutritional Support  along with coordinated  care for adults with neurological disabilities.


Spring Programs 2023

See my programs for this upcoming Spring. The programs will educate and assist special needs adults and children on exercising and healthy eating.


The “FUN”damentals of Exercise and Healthy Eating

This 6 Week Program teaches students about healthy eating in a fun and understanding way.

Students will learn what healthy food options are from each of the food groups using the Traffic Light Method learning about Green “GO” Foods, Yellow “Slow Down” Foods and Red “Stop” Foods.


Each week Students will learn how to incorporate these healthy foods into daily life choices including making grocery lists, easy meal plans and simple recipe’s.


Each week there will be a different exercise activity teaching students to move their bodies through different cardio and strength exercises along with yoga and stretching and dancing too!


This program is 90 Minutes with half of the time focused on exercise and the other half focused on nutrition.


Open To Groups of 4-8 Students

Morning Afternoon and Evening Option Available

Jump Start Fitness

This 6 Week Program teaches students a variety of fun and healthy exercises to keep their bodies moving, healthy and strong!


Each Class is 50 Minutes


Week 1 – Intro To Strength Training  An Introduction To Basic Strength exercises with Body weight, light dumbbells, resistance bands


Week 2 – Cardio Training For Heart Health  An introduction to different Cardio Exercises that will get your heart pumping and build your endurance)


Week 3 – Yoga and Meditation – Relax, Stretch and Breath through gentle movement and meditation. This class introduces students to simple yoga and stretching movements that are vital to our bodies and a wonderful tool to use for anxiety and stress.


Week 4 – Cardio Dance – Let Loose to your favorite Songs while moving your body and working up a sweat. Who knew exercise could be so much fun!


Week 5 – Walk This Way! Enjoy the outdoors as we challenge your endurance with a 2.5 mile walk to the Clinton Town Marina. *Week Subject to change based on weather


Week 6 – Circuit Training - Celebrate your final week with a fun circuit of strength and cardio exercises and see how much your fitness has grown over your 6 week fitness journey!!


*Open To Groups of 4-8 Students

Morning Afternoon and Evening Time Slots Available

Tofu Salad_edited.jpg

Healthy Eating For A Healthy Lifestyle

This 6 Week Nutrition based course focuses on the basics of healthy eating.


Over the 6 weeks we will discuss healthy food choices from each of the main food groups and and how to incorporate them into breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks.


We will cover how to make simple and healthy meal plans, make grocery lists and discuss how to eat out in a healthy way while still enjoying your favorite foods.


Classes are 50 minutes long. Open to groups of 4-8

April Showers Bring May Flowers

In this 6 week program we will discuss different fruits and
vegetables, while learning how to use them in different
breakfast lunch dinners and snacks.


We will also be planting seeds of each students favorite fruits and vegetables while nurturing them over the 6 weeks. At the end of the program the plants will be potted so students can take them home and
continue to watch them grow! Each student will learn a recipe
they can use their planted fruit or vegetable in!

Classes are 50 minutes long

Open to groups of 4-8

Organic Vegetables

One on One Individualized Personal Training

Personalized Fitness Training designed around the clients specifics limitations, goals and needs in a fun, safe, motivating and encouraging environment.

Group Personal Training (2-3 people)

Personal Training in a small group to focus on individuals needs but also foster socialization with peers.

One on One Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition coaching based on clients needs. I will meet with parents, staff and team to get a full understanding of the clients health history, eating patterns and habits, daily routine and abilities with planning and preparing meals. Together we make daily menus, grocery lists, meal plans and discuss different recipes to incorporate into daily routine.

Programs Begin April 17th and 24th

Jump Start For Fitness and Healthy Eating For a Healthy Lifestyle can be combined as a two day a week program.
*Ex. Jump Start Tuesdays at 2pm ; Healthy Eating Thursdays at 2 pm

Class Days and times will be structured around each individuals and organizations needs.

Meetings with families and organizations will be made in person prior to start of program to discuss all individuals and organizations.

* Healthy Compassions was developed as a safe, comforting and encouraging environment for any individual, family & organization to find a place to belong while leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

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